The POD Consultancy provides flexible packages to suit both the individual and organisation with the emphasis on tailored consulting to specific needs.

Keynote Speeches

As a professional speaker, Shirley Anne motivates an audience with her infectious energy and enthusiasm.

Training & Facilitating

BrandYOU It’s Personal

A life-changing experience! Improve personal performance, increase confidence levels, communicate your value and more.

BrandYOU It’s Business

A business and culture-changing experience! Transform your team, executives, business with the Business Development Masterclass Series and the Pathways to Partnership & Directorship and more.

Focused Facilitation

Using the foundation of effective communication, we help your business to focus on people, successful outcomes and more.


Strategic business development and cohesive business planning are critical success factors for any business. POD gives you the tools, the knowledge and the confidence to succeed in strategic planning.

Client Relationship Management

POD provides the difference that makes the difference. Learn how to manage your clients in the most resourceful and profitable way before someone else does.

Empowering Women in Business – Leadership

Shirley Anne builds confidence, drives goal-setting, builds skills in business acumen, assertiveness and influencing whilst showing you how to create a personal value proposition. Valuable gifts from the author of Women in Business.

Advising & Coaching


POD Consultancy specialises in business development coaching and delivers results that help small or large organisations become more profitable.


Shirley Anne’s experience, training and supportive personality makes her a responsive and empowering mentor for corporate executives and business owners.


Everyone needs their own advisory board. And Shirley Anne can play a vital role as part of your advisory team!