We all have a ‘life bus’. Yours may look similar to the illustration above; for others, their bus will carry different career and life challenges. Using this metaphor helps us understand how our lives can be driven by many factors which we may find hard to control. 

The ‘Who’s Driving Your Bus’ program inspires, empowers and motivates. Each workshop helps encourage ownership and responsibility, by ensuring that YOU have both your hands firmly gripped on the wheel of your bus!  

Program Series:

  • Who’s Driving Your Bus? – Stop, take a step back and assess your personal situation.
  • Values & Goal Setting – Stay focused on what’s important.
  • Confidence “Is your inner chatter holding you back?” – Limit negative self-talk.
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Energy – Maintain the right balance.
  • Building Resilience & Managing Stress – Develop new skills to underpin success.

Calling all businesses…

For every dollar invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace, businesses see an average return of $2.50 through improved productivity and profitability [PWC]. And that’s not all. Here are some other facts that businesses should know:

  • The World Health Organisation estimates depression will be the number one health problem by 2030.
  • One in five Australian experience mental health problems every year.
  • Mental health problems are Australia’s leading cause of non-fatal disability.
  • Most common issues are anxiety, depression & substance abuse.
  • Direct costs: absenteeism, reduced productivity, increased costs, workers’ compensation.
  • Indirect costs: employee dissatisfaction, staff turnover, under performance, interpersonal problems/ conflict.

Why is this program series so important?

  • Promotes positive mental health, improved quality of life and proactive career management.
  • Focuses on work/life integration and developing a more balanced lifestyle.
  • Develops a sense of purpose which improves workplace satisfaction, engagement and retention.
Who’s Driving Your Bus? can help everyone in the workplace, from graduates to CEO’s.
We’ll steer you off the road to nowhere and onto the road to success!

For more information on the program series please contact Shirley Anne Fortina.