“It is the ultimate self development day. It allows the participant to invest in themselves and to identify ways in which they can obtain balance in both work and life.”

Annette Johnston, CBA

“I came away from the Brand You – It’s Personal seminar totally motivated. Shirley Anne presents a fast-paced seminar packed full of self-reflection on our own life. It’s a day which promises to inspire and motivate to take action and control of our destiny and bring our dreams to reality.”

October 2013 Participant

“The time to really examine the skills and attributes I have accumulated while in the work force and a chance to re-examine my life goals going forward”.

“I found the value proposition to be very useful but I also liked how the program focused on both a personal and career goals.”

“I liked the 4 stages – made it seem less overwhelming. I also loved the practical tools to complete the stages and the fact that SAF is checking back in to help keep us on track. SAF herself was a big part of what made the program successful – her delivery is excellent and the way she incorporates stories and readings for inspiration is great I also like that this program looks at the whole person – not just the work or professional aspects”.

“I recently started my own marketing consultancy and found the BrandYOU program excellent in helping me clarify my own personal value proposition and also to help craft the value proposition for my business. The way the program allows you to look at all aspects of yourself is great – and I found I had a real confidence boost and was energised about the opportunities ahead of me. I would recommend anyone looking to make a change either in the personal or professional life invest a day in BrandYOU – it really helps to clarify your thinking and gives you practical tools to set goals and see a path forward”.

August 2013 Participants

“This course was an intense day spent working on your own desires, dreams and potential. It involves in-depth reflection alongside group discussions, resulting in some very honest conversations. I left the course feeling renewed, inspired and so excited to put a few of the valuable tools into action. My everyday life has changed from just one of the many topics discussed within a few days of attending – ‘Breathe Before You Speak’. I cannot thank Shirley-Anne Fortina enough for putting together this course. I would encourage any person from whichever profession to attend.”

June 2013 Participant

“The structure of the BrandYOU day focused my mind, it gave me ample (and much needed) opportunity for self-reflection and provided the tools to create my new value proposition. Each of the sessions worked towards a common goal—developing a communicable personal brand—and I found the experiences shared between the working group invaluable. Shirley Anne’s encouragement was, and continues to be, empowering. I would highly recommend the BrandYOU workshop.”

Leanne Mills, writeability Communications Consultant

“The program is more about ‘equipping you with the tools to’ develop your personal brand. As such, you can revisit the booklet as often as you like to review or recreate your brand.”

Andrew Birch, Birch Advisory

“Good program to start the process of understanding who you actually are, where are your strengths and what areas you should improve”.

Adrian Lee,  BHP Billiton

“Very, very good, I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Karyn Lisignoli, Nyoongar Sports Association

“I think this is a great program to be involved in and make you stop and think and take some very rewarding time out to assess goals and how to achieve them and different ways to express your brand. Great experience.”

Kim Colwell, CBH Grain Melbourne

“The BrandYOU It’s Personal program was very worthwhile, I would recommend it to other staff members within our company.”

Brooke Cheel, CBH Grain Melbourne

“I really enjoyed it but now brain tired!”

Emmy Poulsen, Revitalife

“Really enjoyed the day.  Fantastic content – very thought provoking. Fantastic opportunity to spend time on yourself, reflect on your achievements and develop a plan for the future so that you can continue to pursue what  you are most passionate about.”

Shelly, BHPB Worsley

“Very beneficial as we often don’t take the time to step back and understand what our personal branding is – our personal value internally, externally and family.”

Warwick Martin, CBA

“This is something that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in as we all need direction in our life. The big secret is to have belief in yourself, love yourself and value yourself.”

Dianne Westlake, RRR

“Very motivational, forces you to take a look at your life as a whole. I really liked the way the programme lead to finalising with a personal value proposition.”

Kate Roy-Chowdhury, Worsley Alumina

“The program is an excellent first step to self awareness and opens the door to make the most of opportunities that are available.”

Bob Jacobs

“Overall a good program which was very helpful and brought the focus back to me.”

Rebecca Jones, NAB Melbourne

“Excellent program and delivery of material. Particularly for those going through or thinking about transitioning into a new phase whether that be personal or professional life.”

Catherine Fowler,  Ernst & Young

“Highly recommended. Made me take a step back and re-evaluate the direction I am taking.”

Melissa Foster, Westpac

“Very happy with the program and I would like to present it to the HO Diversity & Inclusion to use within our organisation – particularly in relation to developing our women into more senior roles.”

Karen Woodcock, NAB

“My experience with the BrandYou seminar was very positive. I found the course provided a structured approach to developing my own Personal value statement. This now enables me to effectively & concisely communicate to the people I meet what my role is within Westpac and what value I can offer them professionally.”

Claudia Van Dijk, Westpac Senior Relationship Manager

“It’s not often that you get a whole day to devote to yourself and the BrandYOU course really made me think about where I was and where I want to be, both professionally and personally. SAF’s style is very engaging and creates a comfortable, unintimidating environment in which to reflect. I found the course has given me a lot more confidence in professional networking settings and has helped me to set firm short term and long term goals so that I can achieve everything that I want to achieve.”

Samantha Smart, Minter Ellison Lawyers

“As someone who has recently gone from a full time career to a full time student, I found the BrandYou program most beneficial. It allowed me to sit back and evaluate the direction of both my career and personal life. In an intimate environment, you are taken out of your comfort zone and invited to spend time on you. Shirley Anne challenges you to invest time in yourself, as you are your own greatest asset! ” 

Jessica Bradford

“The BrandYou workshop reinforced what type of brand I am and what I portray to my clients.  Being a consultant, I now have a clearer focus of my business objectives and a greater understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.  I now have the confidence to set realistic and achievable goals and have implemented strategies to achieve these goals.  I highly recommend this workshop for any female professional who wants to develop her personal and career pathway, be it whether they are employees or business owners.”

Fleur Muller, geostat services Director

“As  a business owner, I have spent a lot of time reading and attending courses to learn how to run my business effectively.  BrandYou has provided me with a different angle and helped me to learn more about myself and how I can utilise my strengths to achieve in all areas of my life, both personally and professionally.  The self analysis and goal setting that I completed during the course is something I will always refer to for my self-development”.

Suzanne Loveland, Creative Elements Owner

“I really enjoyed participating in BrandYOU.  Shirley Anne’s invaluable practical advice helped me identify my strengths, refocus on my short and long term goals both in my career and personal life and her follow up keeps me on track to achieving them. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to identify, set and achieve their goals.”

Anita Logan, Association of Consulting Engineers Australia Executive Assistant

“A great program and one I will continue to refer to. Thank you for a very positive day!”

Amanda Etherington – Newmont Asia Pacific

“Very impressed! I will tell my colleagues to participate.”

Tina Mihailova – Newmont Asia Pacific

“Very enjoyable and relevant to personal development. SAF is an energetic passionate presentor.”

Loren Kinnane – Commonwealth Bank

“The program is a good catalyst to start us thinking of ourselves as a brand and how we can present that brand to others.”

David Hamilton – Commonwealth Bank

“A very uplifting program that came at the right time. Great opportunity to focus on the positives of life.”

Alison Whitelaw – Australian Business Community Network

“Great way of thinking differently and approaching both work and life to achieve harmony between the two.”

Claudette Bevis – Commonwealth Bank